worship music is my kind of music


I was first introduced to contemporary Christian music by my first campus boyfriend when I was 19. Sounds kinda weird, thank God he didn’t take my young self to the infamous clubs in Kampala. He took me to Kampala Pentecostal Church that was one of the hippest church in Kampala. Immediately I loved the style of worship, typical from the hillsong script, the church was parked at any of the four services that began as early as 8am and the last service began at 2pm.

It was nothing like a boring service, the church had a band that played hillsong, casting crown, mercy me, jesus culture music. It was the first time I genuinely lifted my hands in church without feeling over religious or thinking what others thought about me. Attending church felt good, no longer a duty as I felt as I grew up I was attending a church that I enjoyed and loved everything about it.

That’s where the seed of worship music was planted and just like the parable of the sower, my seed fell in the fertile soil as I have never stopped listening and loving it. Even if I have some moments throughout law school that I am not proud of my actions, worship music has been that constant reminder of who owned my soul and why I belong to him.

Don’t let that fool you, I still listened to secular music. I loved the likes of Rihanna, Justine Timberlake, John Legend, Sauti Sol and One direction. I couldn’t let go of the music as much and it was an everyday struggle because I knew the lyrics by heart and I say along.

Sometime in 2012, I began to get awake and research into the new world order and how music has been used to push the agenda to the masses. I began understanding the signs and symbolism in the music and how music is being used to program and brainwash people to a certain way of thinking. I began seeing beyond the song and understand the rituals that were being performed in the name of music videos.

I slowly began letting go of the secular music, it was one of the biggest battles that I have fought with myself. I could find myself back to enjoying a Rihanna music in a mat and having it ring in my head the whole day. I prayed God to help me break the habit once and for all. It was a long prayer that was finally answered in 2017.

When I broke free from secular music, I have no interest in going back. I don’t need to listen to secular music especially from the west since I can now decode all the signs and symbolism in the music that are full of the new world order or if you call it illuminati. The only time I get to see the videos are when I watch an awakening YouTube channel decoding the music video.

I have now devoted all my music to contemporary music, worship music to me is like the companion that keeps on giving. If you see me on ear phones, be sure am listening to worship music, may it be in a mat, running, cleaning the house am just working my play list is the same.


Worship music has seen me through the darkest times of my time, spoken to my situation when I can’t express myself in words to God. The kind of music that makes you cry as it touches your heart as much as the Holy Spirit does. No days goes by without listening to music that lights me up and lifts up my spirits.

I hope you too will find in your heart to love and embrace listening to this kind of music. If you are wondering where to start off I will share my list of my favorite worship groups and individuals who produce the best music. Unfortunately, am not big on Kenyan music as I feel is wanting and very few music is authentic or word related music.


My recommended list which is not exhaustive.

  1. Elevation worship
  2. City alight music
  3. Red rock worship
  4. Vertical worship
  5. Mercy me
  6. Phil wickham
  7. Bethel music
  8. Hillsong worship
  9. Casting crown
  10. Zack Williams
  11. Jesus culture
  12. Kari jobe
  13. Matthew west
  14. Music meets heaven YouTube channel
  15. Influential music YouTube channel

Let me know how it goes for you, as you get blessed by the music and stay blessed good people.


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